These 3 Truths Will Make You Immensely Prosperous In 2018

As I write this, it’s four days into the new year and resolutions are still fresh as the first rays of sunshine on a clear sky. You have, without a doubt, made yours and you hope it won’t just remain on paper as your previous resolutions did.

I have spent about two hours reading other people’s resolutions and I’m quite impressed; while others want to read the whole bible in 2018, others are questioning their faith, while Tony is praying for health, Amanda is asking for financial breakthrough.

It got me thinking how insatiable the human heart is; the human heart is like a bottomless monster that takes and takes until it has nothing but itself to consume. But I Iike that; it is this consuming passion, desire, and will to conquer that get dreams lived. The hungrier you get, and know that you’re indeed hungry, the closer you get to satisfy the yearnings of your heart.

You’ve done pretty good to resolve, but here are three blunt truths you have to embrace to make it happen.

  1. It isn’t what you don’t do that stagnates you—It’s what you do!

Have you stopped beating yourself up for tasks you didn’t do? If you haven’t, you should. It is not what you didn’t do that matter— It is what you did (when you were supposed to be doing the task) that should worry you.

What consumes your energy but doesn’t reward you? Could it be the distractions; facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram notifications that never let you accomplish your daily goals? The hangouts that add nothing to your life but negative energy, envy, and more toxic friends?

Or maybe, you spend too much time attending to small man chores when you can be more productive if you delegate.

The logic is, you can’t fill an overflowing cup, dredge the filth in your daily routine first. Instead of making a to-do list, why not make a not-to-do list first? You’ll be amazed at what you accomplish.

  1. It is the year that has changed, not you

The new year isn’t worth the hype if you don’t accompany it with personal change. The biggest reason why your past new year resolutions died within a week is because you assumed things will just fall into place simply because a new year had. Fact is, a change in a calendar doesn’t trigger an automatic change in your life. Make the change.

If you picked a drinking habit in 2017 that might hinder your progress, drop the bottle. If you want to earn more than you did, do more; rise earlier, study part-time, or widen the scope of your business.

A bodybuilder knows he won’t get tone by talking and wishing, theirs is a simple mantra —no pain no gain. Just do something to make the change, It won’t come to you. Find it.


“If you want success, figure out the price, then pay it”- Scott Adams


  1. That resolution isn’t worth the paper it’s written on😂

Yes, you heard me right. At the face of it, your resolution might seem the perfect roadmap to paradise, but the truth is, as ambitious as it sounds it is just words; empty, forlorn, and as misplaced as a dagger in an offering basket.

You’ve got to put resolutions in the right place— your heart, and breathe some life into them. Crippled ambitions won’t move you an inch; actions will. Don’t just write them, pursue them, overtake them, and help others catch up with theirs.

Above all, don’t forget to live. Find time to indulge; laugh more, dance if you can, and just live as wild as life was meant to be.
Have a Prosperous 2018.


4 Responses to “These 3 Truths Will Make You Immensely Prosperous In 2018

  • I love the idea of a not-to-do list! It definitely drives the point home, that what you do consistently determines your success. Great post!

    • Thank you Kimberly, for sojourning here. Yes, it is true, your daily routine dictates where you will be tomorrow.

  • I love this post! Your advice is spot-on; you can’t just make a resolution and then wait for it to come true. Great topic!

    • Thanks so much Noelle, I’ve always said this; resolutions aren’t worth the paper they are written. If you don’t follow it quickly with a strategy and daily actions towards the goal then, plainly put, you wasted your ink.

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