Dorcas Atieno- Being a MustardSeed Beneficiary is a great thing..


Dorcas serving customer

My name is Dorcas Atieno, a holder of a diploma in Mass Communication from Multimedia University. Before I joined MustardSeed, I had tried to secure a job but even interviews were had to come by, frustrations began weighing me down as every job application became a wild goose chase.

When I joined MustardSeed, I got a family that helped me identify and correct all the mistakes my CV and Cover Letter had. I also got equipped with rare skills to triumph in job interviews. The result was instant; I got a job at Bright Technologies, a company that deals in ICT products.



Dorcas's Designs

Dorcas’s Designs

The MustardSeed did more than just help me secure the job; they delved deeply into helping me fuel my passion for fashion design. Just when I thought to quit was the only option left, MustardSeed helped me to showcase my designs to a bigger audience in Kisumu. Today, I continue to share the skills I got here with those who are seeking jobs and the results are amazing. MustardSeed is changing lives, I’m glad I am part of the family.






Dennis Arek Nyaware 


Mr. Arek and Ethel

My name is Dennis Arek Nyaware, I am an orphan both of my parents died when I was in Primary School; this made me not to continue with my schooling because of lack of school fees and a lot of hardship at home.

I came to Nairobi some years back to seek for employment and I was privileged to work in a Poultry farm. I gained a lot of skills about that job and developed a passion on the same.  Currently I am working as a security guard at Missionaries of Charity in Langata- Otiende; I also help with maintaining the flowers and cleaning the environment.

One day I met Mr. Chris of MustardSeed in Kenya, and there was a puppy that used to follow me all the time, he saw the little puppy and asked me her name, I told him that it had no name.  I remember vividly telling him to name her and Mr. Chris gave the puppy the name “Ethel.”  Mr. Christopher through his program was willing to support me and take care of the little Puppy.  Since then he has been supporting Ethel from food to vaccinations, I remember the day when Ethel had to be sterilized and had to undergo surgery all was under the care of Mr. Chris, I am very grateful to him.  Ethel has really grown and he gives me great joy. Now I am working with MustardSeed to go back to poultry farming, where I can employ others in need of a job.



Borniface Omondi- It is great privilege to be in MustardSeed program..


My name is Boniface Omondi. I had just completed my primary school education when my father died. Dire repercussions set in; my mother wasn’t able to afford three meals a day for my siblings so I had to man-up at a tender age to fend for my family.

My mother and siblings had moved to the countryside as rent in town wasn’t affordable and I was the only one who remained in the city searching for a job.

I got my first job with Genpact International, a company that specializes in accounting and finance outsourcing. MustardSeed made this possible. The program equipped me with top-notch interview skills to win potential employers as well as sound work ethics to help me retain the jobs I got. When I got absorbed at Genpact International, MustardSeed gave me financial support during the first few months to help me dress presentably at work and cater for work related expenses.

It’s now a year since I got this job and life has really changed for me and my family. I can now afford basic necessities and even the occasional luxury for my family. My siblings do not have to struggle for school fees like I did. Thanks to MustardSeed for growing me. Now I am training up MustardSeeds myself to pay back, to pay forward. God bless.


David Onyango: MustardSeed Helped Secure My Current Job

David Onyango

David Onyango

My name is David Onyango. I completed high school in 2010 after which I enrolled for a course in ICT at Mombasa Technical Institute. After completing this course I was upbeat that finding a job would be an easy task given, but the bitter reality hit me after spending one full year actively job hunting. In spite of all the time I spent applying for jobs online and dropping off my application to various companies in person, nothing positive came forth. I was not even able to cater for my basic needs.

In a society where the value of education is gauged on the weight of the wallet, the struggles for finances for upkeep left me full of self-loathing, and I soon lost belief in my abilities. This is when I heard about MustardSeed. The program helped me in developing a positive attitude by looking at the long-term results instead of focusing only on the “now” moment. I was advised to look for internships and garner the needed experience — as that’s what most employers look for. I was also taught how to write a good cover letter and how to structure my CV. Before two weeks elapsed, I had secured a place at the Ministry of Labor and Social Services as an ICT Intern.

After being in this internship program for only three months, I got invited for an interview just a day after sending my application! I got the job as an ICT tutor at Talons Institute. I still work here.

MustardSeed holds a special place in my heart since they even supported me financially during my first months in the job until I was steady on my feet. Paying my bills was no longer a problem and I could walk head high again. Thanks to MustardSeed for helping me believe again!

David Onyango

ICT Tutor- Talons Institute.



Joseph – My Great journey of being part of the MustardSeed Family..

Joseph Ouma

Joseph Ouma

I am Joseph Ouma, graduated at St. Aloysius Gonzaga High School in 2009, currently working at Novacom Systems Limited, an IT firm that provides solutions to hospitality industries (Hotels and Restaurants) both in Kenya and other countries in East Africa.

After graduating with Diploma in Information Technology at the Technical University of Kenya, I thought getting a job will be a walk in the park, this was not the case. There were so many challenges (Financial, lack of proper interview communication skills and professional skills) that hindered me a chance to get a job.

I appreciate the MustardSeed and Chris, for making this possible. Joining this program gave me a chance to learn how to do a well-documented and presentable CV, something that I was never taught earlier, provided me with the basic training of how to go through interviews, provided me with the training materials required for post interviews and after securing the job.

The program also supported me financially during my first Month of the job. The program continues to promote the great motto of St. Aloysius; “Learn, love and Serve” and “Being Men and Women for Others in the society”. I truly believe this program is going to touch so many lives as it grows bigger to support more and more in this society where many graduates are so desperately looking for jobs but lack basic skills to get the jobs and keep them.